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Los Angeles County deploys Elysian LMS to more than 20,000 users!

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Engage your community

Reach your community, anytime and anywhere, with Connectd, our highly customizable mobile app for adaptively engaging audiences

Personalized resources

Inspire and inform your audience by delivering personalized tools and resources. Machine learning and advanced collaborative filtering techniques learn about user interests over time, based on stated preferences and behavior, and automatically suggest relevant resources.

  • Automatic adaptivity, powered by AI

  • Based on user onboarding, behavior, and content attributes

  • Support for digital and non-digital resources

Make it yours

Connectd is designed to be highly customizable.

  • Flexible user onboarding policy and custom questions
  • Custom surveys, delivered when you want
  • Create your own goals for users to achieve
  • Flexible imagery/branding options

Understand and empower your audience

Connectd is designed from the ground up to deliver adaptive, flexible surveys and screeners so that you can enable your audience to provide feedback or just understand themselves better. Resources can be linked with survey/screener scoring, and users can track their progress over time.

  • Surveys and screeners: custom or choose from our library!

  • Configurable, adaptive prompting using machine learning

  • Safely analyze individual and population responses and trends

Safe and secure

The security of user data is a top priority. Connectd allows you to collect and analyze individual and population data through safe and secure technologies and protocols.

  • Industrial strength encryption
  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Options for complete anonymity
  • Safe protocols for non-anonymous data

Transform your audience today!

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