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Los Angeles County deploys Elysian LMS to more than 20,000 users!

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Safe. Smart. Fast.

Our solutions focus on safety first, but prioritize speed. We also have research grade machine learning and AI credentials, to make the magic happen.

Security and Privacy

Your data is important to us. We keep it safe.

Strong encryption

We make sure your data is encrypted securely.

Secure cloud operations

Our systems implement cloud-based best practices.

Your data is yours

We don't sell or use your data for other business purposes.


Anonymous and semi-anonymous data collection.

Intelligent and scalable systems

We use high-powered technology to make systems smart and fast


Machine learning and AI to build personalized systems.


Our architecture scales as your application grows.


We believe responsive systems are not only fun, they are key.


Our technologies are in wide use, by tens of thousands of users.


Transform your audience today!

Allyance Logic can help you reach and empower your community. Contact us today!

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